Chervil was the first light we designed that wasn’t made of bone china. It started life as a bespoke commission by Fox Linton for The Dorchester Hotel at Coworth Park. Consisting of 4,000 waterjet-cut stainless steel flowers hand-threaded onto delicate metal ‘trees’ the piece occupies almost six square metres of the Garden Room ceiling.

Chervil has since been downscaled and adjusted for smaller spaces and ceilings that aren’t load-bearing: Chervil weighs approximately 5kg per square metre and can be ordered in almost any size and configuration. Prices start at under £1000 and are scaled by volume. Practically, there’s no upper limit to the size of a Chervil installation.

There’s some disagreement among ourselves about whether this piece should be finished in raw metal, powder-coated white, or mix both finishes. Fortunately, since Chervil is a bespoke, modular design, the (proverbially infallible) customer chooses.

Typically, the lighting component is a ring of flush-finished downlights located above the piece. In this configuration, Chervil does not require UL listing (for instance) for export to America as it is purely a shade. However, as the prototype image shows, Chervil was intended to have integral LED and fibre-optic lighting, which is still available as an option. 

Lead times vary according to installation specifics so please call us on 01242 692455 or use the form below to start a conversation about your own, unique Chervil.